How to Start a Podcast: Part 2

I'm writing this at 9:38 PM EST Tuesday so bear with me.

I just finished editing episode number 3 of the Carnage Podcast with Morry Mitrani from Bumble. He dropped some serious marketing gems! It won't be released until Thursday in the Daily Carnage but here is what I learned during the process:

  • Make sure your guest has a quiet environment when recording. Someone was typing next to Morry and it required a ton of editing to clean it up.
  • If you need to re-record any of your vocals make sure the Audition settings and microphone position are exactly the same. Otherwise, it will sound like you did some patchwork.
  • You can remove Ums and Ahs if they get excessive but don't go wild and strip out the personality.

Sleep on that!

Nicholas Comanici