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Don't sign up for another expensive mastermind course or waste an hour sitting through a boring webinar promising to 10X your sales.

I've been there, and none of those things will give you the specific tools and tactics you need to succeed in your business.


Let's Talk Tactics

• Use Social Media To Build An Engaged Audience

• Split Test to Discover Minimum Viable Product

• Learn How to Allocate Your Time and Budget



I felt like I was swimming as a young business owner, overwhelmed with social media, presentation, sales and book keeping. When a non-biased and experienced entrepreneur is willing to sit down with you and walk through not only your business, but your personal dreams as well, it’s a recipe to grow and breath a little. I am truly thankful to have Nick help me walk out practical weekly and monthly goals to get to a point that I feel confident as a business owner, which translates to confidence as a husband, community leader, father and friend.
— Cary Apel
I met Nick early last year in 2017, as I was transitioning between jobs. Nick worked with me one on one and helped me hone my skills and find direction for my many ideas I have running through my head. He was super patient and straight to the point when giving guidance or advice to what I should be doing. He has a very understanding mindset of people’s different lifestyles but knows exactly how to set a path for others. He helped me understand the importance of marketing oneself to the public along with focusing me on my craft to become a better creative, a more driven creative. He is great to riff with and bounce ideas off of. Some of my best ideas like Yodah, a mentor connecting application, has stemmed from riffing with Nick one on one. He makes it a point to get you focused and seeing the bigger picture.
— Kyle Grady
There were so many streams of business activity in my life I was overwhelmed and having difficulty moving forward. I was really stuck. Right away, Nick gave me a fresh perspective and actionable goals to complete. Our conversations have put genuine wind in my sails. I am back on track!
— Lynn McCartney-White